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About Us

Calvine High School

Mission Statement

The mission of Calvine High School (CHS) is to enable students to attain standards of academic excellence that prepare them for responsible citizenship, lifelong learning, and productive employment in our ever-changing world.
Calvine badge
The most appropriate way to explain the vision and mission of CHS is through the logo shown above, developed in March 2004 with staff and student input. The three words found in the school logo are meant to represent the following:

A dedicated staff, student body, and community working together proudly to support high levels of student achievement.


The attitude of not giving up; continual effort to accomplish one’s goals.


The completion of the high school diploma as a stepping stone to college and/or career.



Monday - Thursday: 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

Friday: Closed


School Office Hours

Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Phone Messages

If you must talk with your student during the school day, please telephone the office at (916) 689-7502 and we will deliver a message to your student.

Reporting an Absence

If your child is ill, please be sure to report the absence on the same day of the absence at (916) 689-7502. Students should enter and exit the building by way of the student parking lot doors. Please help your student arrive at school on time. School begins promptly at 8:30 a.m. and the afternoon session begins at 12:30 p.m.

Bell Schedule

Monday: Staff Development Early Dismissal (8:30am – Noon)
Period Times
1 8:30-9:15
2 9:15-10:00
3 10:00-10:45
Advocacy 10:45-11:15
4 11:15-12:00
Noon Student Dismissal
Tuesday-Friday Schedule (8:30am-2:30pm)
Period Times
1 8:30-9:30
2 9:30-10:30
Nutrition Break 10:30-10:40
3 10:40-11:40
4 11:40-12:40
Lunch On Campus Lunch: 12:40-1:20
*5 1:20-2:30, extended day schedule

*Calvine High School provides free lunch service for all students. Students enrolled in a fifth period are required to remain on campus during lunch.

Dress Code

Parents or guardians have the primary responsibility for appropriate standards of dress and grooming. However, as an educational entity, the Secondary Division of the Elk Grove Unified School District has the responsibility to establish and maintain standards of dress and grooming that support a positive and safe learning environment.
Refer to the Parent/Student Handbook for a complete list or stop by the office for a copy.


Cell Phones and other Electronic Devices

Electronic devices, cell phones, radios, iPods,  including headphones and any other electronic devices are not allowed on campus during school time including passing times. They may only be used before and after school. Additionally, all electronic devices are not to be displayed or seen and should be turned off.

Parent and Student Handbook


Directions to School

School History

Calvine gets its name from the California Vineyard Company, a huge grape growing enterprise of the early 1900s, located east of Bradshaw Road. Calvine Road was the road that led from what is now Highway 99 to the lands belonging to the company. Two small high schools were closed when Calvine opened as a third continuation high school. They were Omochumnes, with its Miwok Indian name, located near what is now the Education Center, and Pioneer that had been at two different sites during its short life.